Sunday, September 20, 2009

Tips to create a good Online Matrimony Profile or biodata

  • After filling in all forms and activation of registration try to add some unique features to your profile which will make Your Profile STAND out from others. Emphasise on something that can make it VERY SPECIAL and EYE-CATCHING.

  • If you want to filter some category of people and thus not to waste time with reading messages from people you sure you won't be interested, use STOP-WORDS. For example if you don't wish to relocate, MENTION it in CAPITAL LETTERS! If your requirements are of specific age group, religion or hobbies (drinking, smoking, diet), again SPECIFY in BOLD AND CAPITAL. Don't waste your and their time!

  • Try to understand emotional and psychological specifications of women (for men) - they generally are looking for romantic men who will care and protect them, who will make them to feel Very Special. While men in general seek a faithful mature lady who wish to be a supportive partner, attractive (who will beautify herself for her husband, look after one's shape and appearance, i.e. do everything to please husband's eye). And at the same time a lady who will be a wise companion and a good wife and possibly mother.

  • Don't scare people off with writing too much about your family. Avoid to write about your mistakes in past, negativity and defects. The future will show who is who! However, don't lie and don't lead people on in a wrong direction. Meanwhile try to improve yourself and to live and act accordingly to your new criteria and standards.

  • Avoid short abrupt answers which may misrepresent you.
  • Avoid grammatical mistakes (by writing in hurry) unless English is your second language (in this case it will be understood).

  • When you initiate a contact, don't write too much about yourself (I... I... my...) or too short (it might sounds rude and even silly).
  • Don't ask for a photo from lady in a direct way. Usually it sounds rude and she may never reply. Be polite - kindly ask for pictures of her place where she lives and of her family. Generally, after such diplomatic ways she will appreciate your delicate manners and will be more open and will send you photos even without you asking.

  • First letters are very crucial! Try to show your best, it will smooth your correspondence. First impressions are always of utmost importance. Smart quotes will enhance your letters, increase chances for acceptance and add value to your perceived wisdom.

  • Always CORRECTLY spell the name of The Person whom you correspond with!. Remember Carnegie's golden words: "There is no sweeter sound in the world than the sound of your own name". The same apply to the letters, indeed.

  • Be accurate with your replies, answer the questions to the best of your ability and in time! Remember to keep contact constantly. Otherwise he/she might lose interest and switch to somebody else (there are thousands profiles on the Internet!)

  • Log in into your profile as often as possible. And if you have unlimited Internet access, leave that page open (just minimize it if you are busy with sometjhing else). Most members are looking for members who are online, so your chances to get noticed will increase hundreds times! If the chat messenger is available on that Matrimonial site (mostly offer free Chat), also keep it open. In your chat you can just leave your email and apologise that you can't chat at the moment (for example you are at work or using friend's computer etc.)

  • Try to get instant messenger such as MSN or Yahoo. Nowadays even Google CHAT will be more advisable as it doesn't need any installation. Just register your free email at and ask your chosen one to register at google too. Then you two can chat anytime when you both are logged on to your emails.

  • Be caring and wise - ask more about the family of the person, his/her parents, his/her children (if any). Ask about their names, lives, ages and their photos - you will be amazed how you will rise in the eye of the one with whom you are corresponding!

  • E-cards, romantic SMS or full of wisdom quotes/short messages will increase your chances for success. There are plenty of free services with beautiful E-cards and free ideas for SMS /e-mails. You can e-mail us for more advices on this matter.

  •  If not sure, NEVER reject. If you know somebody who might be interested in him/her, suggest it, but in a nice way, apologetically saying that it seems that you already found someone but you are very impressed with his/her profile and would like to recommend him/her to one of your friends/colleague etc.


  1. The most important aspect to get register in any matrimonial site is to create matrimonial profile. This is the first step towards getting a good match for you. After all, it is a matter of your whole life. Your matrimonial profile should be far superior and better-quality than others. So, that if any one sees then they should realize that yes this is the one whom I was looking for. So, in order to create a good matrimonial profile you need to keep several important factors.

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    As the discussion is about free marriage, there should be some method to access contact details for free from all the sites.

    As per me the following points also need to be considered.
    1. Give a good and complete profile name. Ex- Rama sharma.
    2. Fill your first name, last name, middle name. ex - Rama kumar sharma.
    3. Complete all fields of location section like Area, city, state etc.
    4. Provide detailed info regarding College/School etc.
    5. Provide detailed family info like parents work department/location, siblings education institution, passing year, work details.
    6. Wright details of your office/organisation with location.
    7. Complete all filelds of hobbies etc.
    9. Complete the profile and get the public URL of ur profile.

    10. Create profiles in social networking sites (orkut / facebook/ linkedin/ blogspot etc..) and add those URLs. This will help to get searched on search engines.

    11. With all email providers like gmail/ yahoo/ rediff/ aol, there is a option of creating profiles for free. Add same/similar info of the matrimonial sites and choose to show ur emailid & phone no to be displayed/accessed to every one.

    12. Search your partners name on google and get the details for FREE !!! and goahead.


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